Results of KTM Event

Only best 3000 results of each track were collected. If row is empty for you, it may mean you fall outside of this limit.

Track Rank* (recalc.) Player Time / Global Score % Riders
KTM Global Ne pobedim ??? 219 892
Tribal Homestead Ne pobedim 26 883
Flower Hills Ne pobedim 27 128
Frostmoore Ne pobedim 27 497
Walrus Road Ne pobedim 27 596
Serpent Slough Ne pobedim 27 996
Crow Nest Ne pobedim 28 191
Buggy Track Ne pobedim 29 280
City Outskirts Ne pobedim 32 226
Road to Ruin Ne pobedim 33 635
Sunset Dungeon Ne pobedim 38 015

* Due to temporary mismatches of time and rank on official LeaderBoard, as an experiment ranks in the table above were recalculated by time. And this rank may not match with one you see in the game!